Buh bye winter fuzz!

Winter is hard on hair. Really hard. The air is very dry, cold and harsh. The conditions often leave our hair feeling dehydrated, fuzzy and unmanageable. Give dry hair the boot with these products!

Add Moisture

Leave in conditioner: Use a leave in conditioner through the winter that will provide an extra layer of moisture.

Leave in Oil Based Moisture: Apply a small amount of anti-fuzz oil into damp hair, and allow to air dry. We really like “It’s a 10″ Miracle Oil + Keratin”.

Weekly Deep Treatments: You can do these yourself at home, or have them done in a salon. Try “Amika The Kure Intense Repair Mask”.

Wash Less

This one can be a bit tough to follow, but the less you wash your hair the better. If you are anything like me, I also don’t love using dry shampoo, so its a difficult suggestion to follow.

Cover Up

Its time to pull out all of those awesome hats you have been storing at the top of your closet! The less the elements can get to your hair, the less damage they can do.

Don’t Brush your hair!

Leave your brush alone, and instead use only your fingers to comb through your hair. This will help keep the fuzzies away, and keep your waves or curls in WAY better shape through the winter.

The Plan:

  • Add moisture

  • Wash less

  • Take Cover!

  • Don’t brush

Basically, leave your hair alone as much as you can, and add moisture and protection every chance you get! Bonus tip: Avoid blow drying your hair  if you can. Your hair will look better and be healthier if you can allow it to air dry with a bit of anti frizz oil. If you have to blow dry your hair, make sure you use a heat protectant spray right before you blow dry, and add a small amount of anti frizz oil after your blow dry to the ends of your hair.

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