Haven’t we always had a drawer full of “slobby/sloppy clothes”? You know, the ones we wear when nobody is looking? The drawer that is filled with favorites that nobody outside of our kids and partner is allowed to see. This drawer normally houses our pajamas, and also a variety of clothing. I have my “hair dying shirt”, my “cleaning with bleach shirt”, my “painting shirt”, my gardening shirt (and shoes) and then there is a whole stack of my old t shirts that I wear to bake or cook or to just chill at home. The common denominator with all of these clothes is that they are super UGLY, and super COMFORTABLE, and at some point we wore them outside of the house and then wrecked them in some way but couldn’t bring ourselves to throw them away. The slobby drawer was definitely not invented in 2020! Did I open that drawer more than usual during COVID lock down…yes. Was I mad about it…no.
Please tell me I’m not alone here??? Do you have a “slobby drawer”? 
Since COVID-19, there has been a lot of talk about how much fashion has been affected by the fact that the world collectively didn’t get dressed for 4 months, and realized we actually like full time pajama fashion.
“I think unrepentant sloppiness is the new fashion-forward”
– Robert Kraft, a record producer and songwriter

Even fashion editors and bloggers are seeing & talking about the trend:

The Slob-Chic Style of the Coronavirus Pandemic Patricia Marx for New Yorker Magazine

Slob style’ is the Covid-19 fashion statement. But will it survive after lockdown? – Morwenna Ferrier for The Guardian

The Silver Lining to Quarantine Fashion Shannon Palus for slate.com

While we all may indeed become more casual dressers, its important that we keep the “painting shirt” where it belongs…hidden in your slobby drawer! If you are looking to update your casual wear to a more work appropriate (or leaving the house appropriate) level, check out one of our clothing retailers! Many of them are having spectacular sales, so it is a great time find your new casual!

Do you think we will see more casual workplace dress codes moving forward? Did you find yourself dressing more casually during your COVID-19 lock down? Do you think you are still dressing more casually now that workplaces are starting to open back up? Has your job changed or loosened up their dress code?

Let us know your thoughts!