Fashion in 2021 will see a more realistic aesthetic. Wearable, comfortable, breathable, and sustainable. Bright (and not neon bright, but happy bright), calming colors, pretty florals, soft, breathable fabrics. Oversized cuts, including in suiting for both men and women. Upcycling, vintage, and re worked pieces will be all over the place (it all started with DIY tie dye through the pandemic).

Statement sleeves and shoulders are going to carry forward into Spring 2021. Why? Because they are fun. Various shades of Pink, yellow and gray will be the main palletes for spring.

While you may not see them on runways any longer, beautiful Knit lounge sets will still be all over the place for spring, bringing a more “put together” lounge game, and moving away from the tie dye pieces we saw in the summer and fall.

According the The Independent, “During lockdown Asos sold 188,000 pairs of its 4505 Icon leggings as well as 760,000 pairs of tracksuits, while Google data suggests that after the second lockdown sales for women’s pajamas rose by 110 per cent.” Whoa. That’s a LOT of leggings.

According to Vogue, wearable fashion may be here to stay. “Many designers reined in their usual experimentation and extravagance while showcasing their 2021 creations on the runway, instead opting to prioritize practicality,” they said.

Chioma Nnadi summed it up well by stating “we have gone from dressing to look good, to dressing to feel good”

As much as some fashionista’s may hate it, lounge wear is here to stay, friends.

Even the office has transformed, with many office dress code policies relaxing, or going away all together. While many offices had already begun the process of moving to a more “business casual” policy, most took the extra step, and dropped “business” from their policy all together.

The other 2021 trend(s) born of…well…comfort, ease, laziness…..the headscarf & baseball caps…the hat of the season.

The most exciting trend that happened in 2020 was that many women decided the ditch their bras, and instead opted for bralettes throughout the year. Lets hope this one carries through 2021!

Upcycling, vintage, and “found” pieces will be the coveted pieces of the season. Handmade items, or remaking items to make them unique to you will be very popular as people carry their lockdown hobbies and new found “artist within” into 2021.

Head to toe monochromatic looks have been prevalent for at least the last year, and that will continue through 2021. More specifically, black and white looks are having a moment.

Cottonwood retailers are already seeing items for their spring lines hitting the racks. Exciting!

Did your personal style change this year? If so, how?