Crazy Shoes!

This is a part of the world that I was unaware existed before today. While doing some research for the Spring Shoe Trends blog post, I came across these wild shoe designs and thought it would be fun to share them with you! Its awesome to see some of the art that exists based on the passion people have for shoes. Enjoy!

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Top shoe trends for spring 2020

The shoe trends we are seeing for spring 2020 are.....interesting. Some very 90's inspired choices with new takes on combat boots & mary janes. We are also seing some really classic styles like loafers and mules, and some completely new tweaks on the sandal with extreme square toes and ankle lacing. Will you be wearing any of the spring trends this year?? Square Toe Sandals Mary Jane's Mule's Combat Boots Loafers Chain Detail [...]

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COVID-19 Update

The health & well-being of our employees, retailers and guests is our top priority. As Canadian authorities continue to take steps to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we continue to take all appropriate measures to support their suggestions for minimizing the exposure & spread of the virus. Cottonwood remains open to the public to support our essential service retailers. For the most updated information on specific retailers, please contact them directly  Please Note: LONDON DRUGS, COBS BAKERY, M & M Food Market, KINS MARKET, TD BANK & DOLLARAMA remain open to serve customers.  We will continue to monitor for developments, [...]

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How to care for your sweaters!

Wash Less  No Hanging No Dryer No Pilling Keep them out of the washing machine! Laundering is the #1 cause of wear and tear on knit wear. Because we often wear clothing items under our sweaters, and also because we don't tend to sweat a lot in our cold weather clothing, there is often less of a need to wash sweaters like we might with other clothing items. Good News....because washing machines are to sweaters what drugs are to human beings. They cause knits to stretch, shrink, fray, become misshapen, [...]

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Fraser Valley Winter Wardrobe

There is cold, and then there is COLD. So, your considering a move to the best place on earth hey? Niceeee! We want to do our part by giving you some advice on what you will need for your winters here in the FV. First, depending on where you are moving from, you will need some context regarding Canadian winters. Its important to be clear here. We are on the Westcoast of British Columbia, so our cold is wayyyyy different than say.... Ft. McMurray's cold. Ft. McMurray's cold requires a "Cold Weather Must Have's" list that will save your life. Ours [...]

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Protect your hair this winter

Buh bye winter fuzz! Winter is hard on hair. Really hard. The air is very dry, cold and harsh. The conditions often leave our hair feeling dehydrated, fuzzy and unmanageable. Give dry hair the boot with these products! Add Moisture Leave in conditioner: Use a leave in conditioner through the winter that will provide an extra layer of moisture. Leave in Oil Based Moisture: Apply a small amount of anti-fuzz oil into damp hair, and allow to air dry. We really like "It's a 10" Miracle Oil + Keratin". Weekly Deep Treatments: You can do these yourself at [...]

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