Cottonwood Community Booth

We are happy to provide community space at Cottonwood to give non-profit organizations of the Fraser Valley an opportunity to reach over 40,000 customers weekly. The booth is located at the west end of the mall and can be used to raise awareness, distribute information or sell raffle tickets. No solicitation is permitted. The Cottonwood Community Booth is reserved exclusively for registered non-profit or charity groups. All bookings will require proof of a registered charity number, as well as appropriate liability insurance.

Please Note:

If we are able to accommodate your request, we will ask you to sign a formal agreement, and provide a copy of your organizations general liability insurance policy with a minimum $5,000,000 benefit. The policy must name Cottonwood as an additional insured as follows:

  • PCI Cottonwood Developments Corp.
  • Northland Capital Corp as Administrative Agent & Nominee of Northland Properties Corporation
  • Spire VA (Cottonwood) Limited Partnership
  • PCI Developments LP
  • Warrington PCI Management
  • Cottonwood Mall Holdings Corp.
  • Cottonwood Mall GP Corp., general partner of Cottonwood Mall LP

Requests are considered on a first come, first served basis. Space can not be held without a completed application form (for each new booking) & proof of of insurance. All completed forms must must be  received by us a minimum of one week in advance of booking.

In order to help as many charitable projects as possible, the maximum booking we can accommodate is one week. Bookings must be taken in consecutive days, and cannot be separated into individual days (i.e. spread out over several weekends).

We look forward to hearing more about your event!