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For the hot sleepers and warm weather sweat-ers, our Cool Touch Blanket has arrived!

This innovative design uses cooling textile technology protects against overheating and immediately drops body temperature by 2 degrees. With cool-to-the-touch bamboo backing and an airy, shift-free fill, this blanket is perfect for keeping chill no matter where you might be. Plus, beat-the-heat this summer with our amazing summer clearance deals! Save up to 70% OFF on our Seasonal Designer Collections. Even better, save big on Duvets, Sheets, Loungewear, and everything else you need to relax in style this season! It doesn’t get any better than this. Visit our website to check out EVEN MORE deals and choose how you wish to shop: by phone, online, or curbside pickup.

28 Jul 2021 - 03 Aug 2021