We are very excited to welcome Santa back to Cottonwood starting Thursday, December 2nd!

Santa has been at Cottonwood every year since 1974, except for last year. We are very happy to have him back, and continue this very special Cottonwood holiday tradition, and Chilliwack institution!

Please Note:

Please read the entire Q & A BEFORE making your booking. There are some changes this year due to COVID safety, and we want to make sure you have a great visit, and the visit you expected. Thanks!  


Kind of? You (or your child/family/friends) will not be able to sit on Santa’s lap. You will be sitting on a bench that will be socially distanced from Santa.

However, your child will still receive a magical in-person visit with Santa!

  1. We are eliminating line ups & crowds by having a “reservation only” Santa visit protocol
  2. Guests will not be able to sit on Santa’s lap, or beside him in close proximity
  3. There will be a plexi barrier or distanced seating arrangement while your child is visiting Santa
  4. Touch points on the set will be sanitized between visits
  5. Masks are now mandatory, but you will be able to remove your mask while your pictures are being taken

Yes. Masks are now mandatory at all times while in public areas of all retail buildings & businesses as ordered by the Provincial Government. Your children/family will be able to remove their masks for the picture. Children under 5 years old will not have to be masked.

No, you will not be required to show proof of vaccination to visit Santa.

Yes. All reservations will require a $25 deposit. The fee will be applied to the photo package you choose. It is not refundable. All visits are being done by reservation, so we are not able to accommodate “free” visits with Santa this year.

In our experience, 60% of free reservations will not show up for their visit. There are limited visits this year due to the COVID measures we have to take, and we can not risk people not showing up, and turning down someone who really wants to visit.

In years past (and hopefully next year) we have had Santa here all day, everyday throughout the holiday season. Accommodating those who just want to visit was easy, and we didn’t charge because Santa was already here. In this case, he is going to be at Cottonwood by appointment only, and we will see 50-60% less people due to the fact we can not accommodate the same kind of volume of visitors. As soon as we go back to “normal”, we will be happy to offer free visits again.

Santa doesn’t have specific hours at Cottonwood this year. Please go to our reservation page, and choose one of the available dates for your visit.

(A) One 4×6 and one digital photo – $25 +tax

(B) Two 5×7 and one digital photo or four 4×6 and one digital photo – $30 +tax

(C) One 8×10, two 5×7, four 4×6 and one digital photo – $45 +tax

Maximum 6 people per appointment. All attendees should be from the same household.

No, not really. Children will have an in-person visit with Santa, then they will have their photo taken separately from him. You may choose to have Santa added to your picture frame in post production.

No, sorry. All visits will require a reservation. You can make a reservation both online here, or in person at Cottonwood. Please note: While we will do our best to “fit you in” if you choose to book in person at the Centre, it is likely that we will not be able to accommodate you right away, and you will have to return at a different time.

Yes! We will be doing at least two “Sensitive Santa” hours this year. They will take place December 12th at 10am and 5pm (before opening for the day & after closing). Please email tlaynes@warringtonpci.com to book your spot.