General Guidelines for Specialty Leasing at Cottonwood Centre.

• A signed license agreement, proof of insurance, and a minimum $1000 deposit is required at the time of signing. Full rent is due at
least 2 weeks prior to activation.

• Solicitation by Licensee, or representatives thereof, is strictly prohibited.

• Licensee must remain within the confines of the License Area, allowing customers to
approach at their own discretion.

• Licensee is not permitted to distribute handbills or other matter to customer(s) outside
the confines of the License Area.

• MRU & Kiosk must be staffed for all mall hours.

• Licensee cannot distribute balloons in, at or about the Property.

• Licensee is responsible for removal of garbage, trash, rubbish, or other refuse in the
License Area.

• Licensee agrees to have such garbage, trash, rubbish or other refuse securely tied in
garbage bags and placed in the garbage compactors and is not permitted to place any
such garbage, trash, rubbish or other refuse in garbage containers in the public common
areas of the Property.

• Licensee agrees to recycle all recyclables and separate organics in compliance with
mandatory Metro Vancouver regulations of food scraps recycling bylaws #11091 &

• No television, radio, telegraphic, megaphone or other form of sound amplification or
reproduction equipment, and no lighting device or other apparatus or equipment which
Licensor determines to be annoying or offensive, shall be used in or about the License

• No telephone or wifi connections are available. Licensee is responsible to set up
and maintain their own wifi connection.



• If storage is required, this must be advised upon the initial request. If storage is
available, a separate agreement will be forwarded to the client for storage at an
additional cost to the tenant.

• All display elements must be set up on the lease commencement day prior to mall

• Move out must commence after mall hours on the same day as the expiry of the term.

• Upon move out an inspection will be done – should there be any damage to the unit the
security deposit will be withheld until cost of damages can be assessed.

• Licensee will ensure that all loading and unloading of goods shall be done only at such
times, in the areas, and through the entrances designated for such purposes by
Licensor. Only service corridors can be utilized to bring equipment, merchandise or
other such items into the Property.

• Any hand trucks, carryalls, or similar appliances used in the Property shall be equipped
with rubber tires, side guards or other safeguards. No pallet jacks.

• Client is responsible for ensuring the MRU is in the same condition on the lease ending
date as stated on the Damage Waiver filled out at lease commencement, prior to
leaving the property.

• Keys will be provided for the unit. Licensee is prohibited from making any copies
without consent of Licensor.

• All storage including personal items must be concealed in
closed cabinets built into the display. Rubber Maid type plastic bins are not acceptable
storage solutions.

• Electrical, lighting and Wi-Fi for data for connection must be self-contained within the
unit. All power/data cords must be concealed. If this is not possible, cords must be laid
down with professional covers. No adhesive tape is to be used.


• All units must supply their own signage.

• All signage must be professional; freehand or hand-made signs are not allowed. Any
signage deemed unacceptable by Licensor will be immediately removed.

• Licensee will obtain approval from Licensor for any advertisement regarding its
occupancy in the property before such advertisement is broadcast or publicized.